Permaculture homestadGardening
Permaculture: How Do I Start a Small Homestead?
The principle of permaculture has been around since the 1970s. You can find out how to successfully implement it in your own garden here. What is permaculture?
avocado from seedGardening
From the Pit to the Plant: How to Grow Your Own Avocado
It is very easy to grow an avocado plant from the pit at home. Read here how to grow an avocado on the window sill and what the further cultivation and
Gymnocladus Dioicus PoisonousGardening
Biological Plant Protection: 10 Simple Tips with Great Effect
You don’t need chemicals to keep pests and diseases at bay. Most problems in the garden can also be solved with biological plant protection.
Gymnocladus dioicusGardening
Kentucky Coffeetree: Features of Growing a Tree in Your Garden
(Gymnocladus dioicus) The large pinnate leaves and bizarre branches of the antler tree have a strong aura. The tree is one of the beneficiaries of climate change.