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A well-maintained lawn is a natural decoration that will never go out of style. Accurately cut grass is pleasing to the eye in all weathers – lit by the bright sun, in the rain, with dewdrops, even peeking out from under the snow. But a real lawn requires regular care, the most time-consuming part of which is mowing and cutting the grass.

Hand scythes are long out of use, they can be seen only at the true retrogrades and lovers of antiques. Moreover, it’s very difficult to mow grass perfectly even on the lawn with their help – the skill has gone with the tool. On the replacement came motorized trimmers and lawn mowers – electric and gasoline. A small niche is occupied by mechanical lawnmowers, not equipped with an engine, but they do not enjoy particular popularity.

Despite the huge number of models, the basic types of lawn mowers variety is not different. They can be divided into two large groups – trimmers (brushcutters) and mowing machines – wheel mowers, riders, tractors. Most of them use the same principle of mowing with a rotating rotor equipped with a cord cutting part or metal blades. As they rotate at high speed, they cut the grass at a given height, shredding the mowed part.

They differ in design features:

  1. size;
  2. type and power of the motor;
  3. set of features;
  4. cost;
  5. usability.


Trimmers are the easiest to use, but they are also the most versatile. Quality professional trimmers can not only level the grass on the lawn, but also make hay for the winter, mow weeds on the roadside and backyards, remove brushwood in gardens and lawns. Certain models of trimmers were called bush trimmers – they can cope with young trees with a trunk diameter of up to 3 – 4 cm, without losing the ability to care for the lawn.

Lawn mowers on wheels

These garden machines are more convenient and easy to use. They require little or no physical effort and can be handled by anyone of any physical constitution. The base of the mower is a wheeled cart, equipped with four supporting wheels, which can be connected to the engine by a drive system (two or all four), or roll freely.

Self-propelled types of lawn mowers with engine drive are very convenient on large areas of lawns, parks and squares. If you have to work for several hours or even a whole day, lawn mowers with drive wheels are indispensable. Mowers without wheels are more suitable for small and complex lawns.

Structurally, wheeled lawnmowers consist of:

  • deck (frame with wheels);
  • electric or gasoline (two- or four-stroke) engine;
  • horizontally rotating blades
  • crank handle;
  • controls;
  • box or bag for the collection of mowed grass.
  • lawn mowers with and without grass catcher box

Rotary and drum lawnmowers

According to the design of the cutting part, wheel mowers are divided into rotary, already mentioned, and drum (cylindrical). The first ones are equipped with horizontally arranged blades with sharpened edges, which rotate horizontally, relative to the vertical axis, and cut the grass very cleanly and evenly – the rotation speed is high enough that even soft grass is not crumpled, but cut. The height of the blade is adjustable in a wide range, usually from 2 to 7 -10 cm.

Riders and mini-tractors

They can be classified as a professional class of equipment for grass mowing and lawn care. They are appropriate for areas from 0.5 ha – in the park area, stadiums, gentle banks of ponds and other places where the work with an ordinary lawnmower would be very tedious.

Riders and mini tractors differ in the location of the mowing unit – the tractor has it at the bottom, between the front and rear wheels, and the rider in the front. Besides the mowing unit, a number of other equipment can be connected to the PTO of these machines, which allows them to be considered as quite universal equipment, for which lawn care is only a part of their scope of use.

Exotic machines for lawn care

Practice shows that the devices, machines and mechanisms that seemed unusual, exotic and even curious a few years ago, are quickly becoming commonplace and actively replacing the traditional systems of the household. Perhaps no exception will be exotic to date types of lawn mowers, which are increasingly being used not only abroad, but also appear in our country. These can include hover mowers and robots.

Lawn mowers on an air cushion.

This type of lawnmowers uses special design knives, which are, at the same time, and propellers, creating a directed flow of air and raising the installation above the ground to a small height. It floats there on a column of air and mows the grass at a predetermined level. Moving it over the lawn is exceptionally easy, as is maneuvering it.

Robotic lawnmowers

Robotic lawnmowers work without human intervention, just like the well-known robot vacuum cleaner. It’s enough to fence the area with ropes stretched at a certain height and launch the machine inside the perimeter – perfect mowing is guaranteed.

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