Mosquito Repellent for Garden and Home

Mosquito-Repellent-for-Garden-and-Home Tips

Many of us have heard of such devices as insect killers, but know absolutely nothing about them. This device is used in the process of controlling various flying insects. These can be, for example, midges, mosquitoes, moth butterflies, wasps, flies and many others. For those who want to buy an insect exterminator, we suggest using a few tips for selecting a device.

Some characteristics and methods of use of protection products.

To begin with, you should decide on the place where this insect repellent will be placed. The second step is the result that you want to get during the extermination. Basically, all devices are divided into several types. These include:

  • The products, which vary in their overall radius of attack (from one square meter);
  • the environmental conditions that will affect the operation of a given device (this can be any room, as well as a natural recreational area). Devices are divided into types: working in homes and used only outdoors;
  • according to the method of protection can be used en masse or personally (sanatorium site, bar-restaurant, general yard area, etc.), and there is also a variant of industrial protection;
  • in which direction the exterminator should act (for a particular type of flying insect or a mass killing device);
  • some devices can repel insect pests, and some are aimed at destroying them.

After determining exactly what data you need, you should familiarize yourself with the different modifications of the devices. They will provide you with complete protection and are a perfect guarantee that pesky insects won’t bother you.

In the huge variety of all devices, we can distinguish the most common ones such as:

  1. baits in the form of traps,
  2. frighteners, scarecrows based on ultrasound,
  3. lamp exterminators.

Trap Baits

The insect trap is a kind of bait for the insect, after which it is destroyed. This can be done by specifically mimicking substances that our body periodically emits, or it can be various human smells. Some types of traps are equipped with carbon dioxide components that are produced by our breathing. This works great because insects have a good sense of smell and fly right into the device. Thermal radiation also attracts them, as well as ultraviolet radiation from the traps.

Thus, one model has a special equipment in the form of titanium dioxide. When heated, it is able to release carbon dioxide, which is used to catch flying insects. It is carried out by several components: thermal radiation, ultraviolet emitter, as well as the most realistic carbon dioxide emitter, which is steadily emitted by a person. All these components put together can instantly clean any room from different kinds of insects. Some traps can also function outdoors. Before purchasing, you should read the data carefully to avoid disappointment with a useless purchase.


The next means of protection is an insect repellent. It works on the basis of repellents. This substance can be of two types, which differ only in their origin – natural or synthetic. It is used only in domestic conditions. Nowadays, the natural substance, which is a fumigator, is used more and more often. It, while heating the repellent, begins to drive away insects with an unpleasant odor for them. This type of device is completely harmless to human health. The smell is not felt at all.

Ultrasonic Repellents

Another insect repellent is a device that works on the basis of ultrasound. It does this by generating a special low-frequency signal that humans cannot hear. But it works on insects as a perfect repellent. They try to avoid the ultrasonic radiation. Even crawling insects try to avoid places where even a faint signal of ultrasonic frequency is felt. For example, one such device can carry out its work in an area of 25 to 40 square meters. The sound signal of such a device is so strong that the pressure is 100 dB. With such a powerful device, not a single insect will prevent you from enjoying your rest.

There are some types of devices that are equipped with certain controls. With the help of them, you can adjust the device to the types of insects that are only bothering you. Therefore, the effectiveness of eliminating pests increases at times. But such an ideal “protector” also has its disadvantages. Ultrasonic radiation has a negative impact not only on insects, all your pets and wild birds will also be immersed in uncomfortable living conditions. Before you are going to buy an insect repeller of this model, you will need to weigh the pros and cons. This way you will protect your pet little friends (hamsters, dogs, guinea pigs and many other animals and birds).

Insect Exterminator Luminaires

The next device to exterminate insects is a lamp. It works on the principle of ultraviolet attraction. All who flew to such a light is immediately killed by an electric discharge, which is emitted on a protective grid located in front of the glow device. Then the built-in ventilation device collects the insects in a special container provided for this purpose. The whole construction can be easily disassembled, cleaned and washed. Such an interesting device is harmless to humans and the environment. Can be used both at home and on the territory of your country site. Equipped with a special protection against accidental human and animal touch. The advantages of such a device are the low current voltage and light glow that does not disturb you even sleep. Many people use it as a home night lamp.

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